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Hashsavior NFT Gallery


Hashsavior Club


Everyone is TheOne of your metaverse! 

Hashsavior is a collections of unique digital "Slavator Mundi" from the art globally with masks and the powerful items in the adventure of metaverse! 

A total  limited 10000 unique  digital portraits Hashsavior NFTs are launched in this project.

Hashsavior NFT

Ditigal Art Collectibles

Hashsaviors is a combination of digital art and collectibles with a value hierarchy determined by both the creator and the consumer of the artwork. Hashsavior has included two layers of scarcity: It provides a set of traits to provide general guidance to the consumer, but it has also created many implicit traits not accounted for. The later released $HSTC allows its holder to give their Hashsavior a unique name that is permanently stored and publicly visible on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Hashsavior NFT

All Hashsaviors are hand drawn with its own characteristics and expressions. They have over 200 differentiable traits like no other, and entirely  with beautiful unique distinctions.


Hashsaviors are living eternally on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of an NFT. Each Hashsavior token grants access for the holder into the realms of “Hashsaviors Metaverse”, where exclusive activities will be held for HS Club Members only

Hashsavior NFT

As much as we love nfts, we are also fans of seeing art on walls being enjoyed by friends and family. We will airdrop up to 100 signed framed prints to token owners. Just own a HS NFT to be eligible.
Every 1000 primary sales, we will pick 10 random owners and ship them a print of their HS NFT!


Hashsavior NFT


Each Hashsavior  NFT is a 600x846 PNG file available to all the right click save guys out there.
But only by owning a HS NFT, will you be able to unlock its super high resolution 3510x4950 version. You’ll then be free to print the art yourself, and use it for your derivative projects!

Hashsavior NFT

24 hours pre-sale period will be opened for whitelisted wallet. Join our discord to secure your whitelist spot.

25% Sold – 8 ETH Will Be Raffled For Our Community

8 ETH will be given away to lucky Hashsavior NFT holders (1 NFT = 1 entry). All HS NFT holders will determine how the 8 ETH to be raffled by voting. Either one lucky OG wins all or break it into 10 to 80 prizes, which the community has the right to decide.

50% SOLD
75% Sold - HS Club Games Kick Off, And $HSTC Token Development

HS Club Games and $HSTC token begins to develop. HS holders can join the activities and earn the tokens.

New trends in NFT gaming, $HSTC token can be used to change the name of your Hashsavior, play with card games to win more tokens or just holding HS NFT to earn our NFT-based gaming revenue and commission. HS Club holder will be dropped with initial fund, while normal player exchanges from other cryptocurrencies or cash.

100% SOLD
Long run and constantly invovating and growing HS Club brand and offer

We know it sounds wet, but it means we will use part of the mint proceeds and sales commissions to buy the floor. Purchased Hashsavior will be entered into promotions and marketing. 

Warm Up

Hashsaviors are ready to save the parallel world in the metaverse – 100 HS NFTs giveaway thru different channels, such as Discord, Twitter, IG, Reddit.

Public Launch

2024 Q2. Each wallet will be limited to 5 Hashsaviors NFTs in order to give everyone a fair chance & prevent bots from sweeping.

25% SOLD
50% Sold – 40Eth Giveaway

A total 40 ETH will be given away to 100 lucky NFT holders. 

75% SOLD
100% Sold - Charity Donation and more reward to the community

Thanks so much for this!  We will donate 10 Eth to the UK NHS to support their fighting for COVID19. We also want to give more back to the community. We've got a cool event planned.
More information coming before launch!


HS Club Games, $HSTC token, DAO, Whitepaper of the token, Events and Community Perks, Metaverse, etc.

* Begin free 3D model development air drop for expansion of HS Club into other Metaverses (such as Sandbox,Decentraland and CP etc,.).


Our Team

Hashsavior NFT


Hashsavior NFT


Hashsavior NFT


Bruce W.png


Hashsavior NFT



Frequently Asked Questions

How Much will it cost to mint a Hashsaviors Society NFT?

TBA - Follow our socials and join our Discord server for the most up to date information.

Join our Discord by participating in contests and community building to secure your whitelisting spot!

How many Hashsavior NFTs will be available?

There will be 10000 Hashsavior NFTs initial launched in phases one. Total 9712 HS NFTs are available to mint&public sale and 288 of 10000 HS NFTs will be reserved for the team, giveaways and marketing purposes (100 will be given to pop star, soccer star, artists and entrepreneurs around the world ) to help build the HS brand.

When will Hashsaviors (HS) release?


How many Hashsaviors Society NFTs can I mint?

Each wallet will be limited to 5 Hashsavior NFTs.

How can I reserve the Hashsavior NFTs for the presale?

We will have Original Gangsters (OG) whitelisted for our pre-register members. Each OG can mint 3 HS. There will be 880 OGs available before sales for registration.

How do I purchase the NFTs?

You will be able to mint directly on our website for initial release using Metamask. Once they sell out, you will be able to purchase them on the Opensea market place.

On which blockchain are Hashsavior Society NFTs placed?

Hashsaviors Society NFTs are placed on the Ethereum blockchain, as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. All HS are stored on IPFS, owners will have full ownership and unlimited commercial usage rights given over their NFT

How Long will it take for the Hashsavior NFT reveal?

After 72 hours on public sale, all the Hashsavior appearance and traits will be revealed.

Hashsavior Club
Hashsavior NFT Club
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